“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”

~ Satsuki Shibuya

Who's Behind Breeful?

Breeful Mélange is headed by Sabrina “Bree” Easley, along with other family members and friends who assists with the website and orders

The goal of this shop is to bring to life all the items each client or customer desires for their everyday, special occasions and/or events.

If you envision it, we will bring it to life or at least try our best to ^_^!

What Makes Us Different?

Since we love what we do, our clients benefit from our passion for creation. While our prices are competitive, every project is given 110 percent plus we always give little something extra. 

Be it information, education, an extra design or providing consultation for best practices options, our goal is to empower our clients.

Why We Listen

We listen to learn and understand each client’s needs so we can provide the most effective and efficient solutions.

At Breeful Mélange we give clients the information that is vital to their business, in simple terms to make it easy for them to do their job right — the first time.

a passionate jill with many skills

Since I was a young girl, learning and creativity have been two very powerful forces in my life. Even when I entered the corporate world, I took part in every learning opportunity that came my way, and sharing what I learned was never trumped by job security. If someone needed help and I was able to do so, I did. This way of thinking has allowed me to connect with so many brilliant people and to grow in ways I never imaged.

I believe in empowerment and educating clients who are open to learning about process for applicable products and services. I have never been one to use fancy jargon to impress or put down the skill sets of others to elevate mines. I am simply doing what I love, what I can and will give you facts in black and white, and gray when necessary ^_~*

I am incandescently thankful for all my customers, clients, shop visitors as well as all my wonderful Etsy clients. I am thankful for each opportunity that gives my creative passions outlets, it has proven to be a beautiful path on this journey many call life.

Thank you for stopping by, be prosperous and wishing you much love!
Bree  + Todd, Will and Valdoria

Ready Made or Custom Designs

The Choice Is Yours!

It All Started with a Tee...

And We're Still Evolving!

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