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When trying to promote your business, there is still no better value for money than having a website — Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and easily accessible to potential customers near and far. Breeful can guide you through the twist and turn of the world wide web. We have designed sites vary types of users from artistic to corporate to non-profit. Whether you need a basic website that simply lets the world know how to get in contact with you, or a more elaborate website with blog and/or online shopping capabilities, we can design a site to meet your needs. Our services include development and the organization of your materials into a logical sequence with an easy to navigate site structure and aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Your website’s “look and feel” can be something we work on from scratch, or something based on ideas you have seen in other websites that you like. With Breeful Mélange, everything is your choice. We can do as little or as much as you need. Our prices are competitive. We are highly dedicated and enjoy our work.
The following outlines the six phases of our website design process:
  • Phase IV: Site Testing
  • Phase V: Approval and Site Launch
  • Phase VI: Site Maintenance Training (Optional)
  • Phase I: Discovery
  • Phase II: Design Development and Approval
  • Phase III: Site Content Population
Currently we use WordPress and SquareSpace as the primary platforms for website development. However, depending on your company’s needs we can also assist you with HTML and Joomla platforms.

When It's Time To Level Up, We Can Revamp Your Site​

You already have a website but it may be out of date. Perhaps you are in need of a few visual changes or maybe you would like to make your site mobile-friendly. With changing demands of the market, it is essential for you to change your online marketing strategies as well. Therefore a website redesign and revamp is required from time to time.

At Breeful Melange we will work with you to improve your online image to gain potential customers and increase visitors. Once we learn about your needs, we will work to make your website visually appealing with the latest graphical technologies, development platforms and ensure compatibility with all major browsers.

Whether your desired changes are small or big, we can update effectively and in a timely fashion.

Let us do the heavy-lifting and coding for you!

If you are in need of one time or monthly website maintenance service, let Breeful make the changes for you. You may contact us at any time to utilize this service and you will receive a detailed quote outlining the estimated cost and work to be accomplished. We pride ourselves that the updates are completed to your exact specifications.
For many people, writing about themselves or their business is just not something they are comfortable with. Additionally, website content should be written in a way that is “search engine friendly”. Breeful can help alleviate the stress by professionally writing your content.

Not only do we design great looking websites, but we can save you money as well by designing the website so that you can make any content changes yourself, in-house without the need of a designer.

The website’s domain name is what most people refer to as a “website address”, such as “”. Website domain names are registered through separate companies known as domain registrars. We can register your domain and help you choose a name that will help customers find your website effortlessly.

Currently we can development and maintain websites for the following platforms

  • WordPress
  • SquareSpace
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