A Mélange of Creative

Passion Happiness Love

Collabo with Breeful on banners, stencils, tshirts, party decor & more

Thoughtful PowerPoint

Conditional navigation using PowerPoint VBA adds a powerful layer of functionality for kiosk and end-user driven presentations that require interactivity based on a single or a range of variables. Using one button, an end-user can be navigated to specific content by selecting on or more options.

Corjl & Bree

With Corjl, you can work with Bree 24 / 7! Bree will create the design and you modify it using your text, colors and photos.

Baby You're A Star!

Breeful is excited to rollout our Stars Designs in the online graphic platform Corjl. You can edit these designs yourself and/or with Breeful, approve it then print at home or at a local printer. Once printed you can use a star punch to create your star decor. DIY Design has leveled up!

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